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Terms of Reference for Research Consultancy

The Consultancy:

The Caribbean Vulnerable Communities (CVC) coalition, in collaboration with the Jamaica Civil Society Coalition (JCSC), is seeking an experienced consultant with a strong understanding of public health to conduct a review of research into the functioning of the Jamaican healthcare system.

Timeline: one month


All persons have the human right to the highest attainable standard of health. Its full realization by all persons requires that societies maintain healthcare system that are both effective and accessible. Public health is also a recognized driver of sustainable development, making the delivery of healthcare services a principal concern for advancing not only human rights, but national development.  This research responds to the need to centre economic and scientific analysis of the healthcare system in efforts to secure the human right to health, and achieve sustainable development.

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goal number three aims to “ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages.” National outcome one of Jamaica’s own development plan Vision 2030 is “a healthy and stable population.” The extent to which healthcare systems can achieve these goals is constrained by several factors, including economics. For example, healthcare systems that lack sufficient and sustainable financing are unable to provide sufficient coverage to populations. Similarly, if the delivery of services is inefficient, then systems’ capacity to provide care is diminished. Further, where access is not equitable and affordable, the most vulnerable are deprived.

Health Economics provides a disciplinary approach to addressing these multi-dimensional concerns, and centres core principles of efficiency, effectiveness, value, and behaviour in its enquiry. Connecting these considerations best equips authorities to implement the reforms necessary to secure the human right to health.

Civil society advocacy in this regard is an important element in driving authorities to act. While not always generators of new evidence, civil society plays an important governance function by holding authorities accountable to their duties. They do this, in part, by connecting existing evidence that charts a path to social improvement. This research seeks to do just that. By capitalizing on existing evidence-bases, civil society can amplify important reform proposals, and contribute unique perspectives by virtue of their proximity to specific populations. In Jamaica’s public health context, mobilizing stakeholders to act on existing evidence is a priority of equal importance as the generation of new evidence. In this regard, civil society can contribute to the realization of a Jamaica where all persons, regardless of status, can enjoy the human right to health, and where public health systems are effective and sustainably financed.

Objective and Strategy

Goal of the Project

To conduct research on the performance of the healthcare system to inform rights-based advocacy for reform.


  1. Conduct a desk review of existing research and recommendations on the functioning of the Jamaican healthcare system, including but not limited to scientific and policy papers after healthcare decentralization in the 1990s, and the reports listed in Appendix I, with a view to identifying existing, actionable reform proposals on the performance of the healthcare system in the context of:
    1. The human rights-based approach to healthcare and its attendant principles – availability, accessibility, affordability, quality, etc.
    2. The organization of service delivery and its effectiveness and value for money in terms of its reach and relevance for intended populations
    3. The financing of the healthcare system, including equity and efficiency in the current health financing landscape and potential options for health financing
  2. Produce a final report
  3. Attend and participate in project steering committee meetings as needed
  4. Participate in public awareness events if requested, and where reasonable, make presentations.

Desired Qualifications/Experience

  1. Graduate degree in public health, economics, health economics, public administration, public policy or related disciplines
  2. Professional experience with public health or health economics
  3. Proven track record in research
  4. Strong analytical skills and in-depth understanding of evaluation and research approaches
  5. Ability to communicate with a broad range of stakeholders

Appendix I

This is a non-exhaustive list of publications to be included in the review:

  • Sustainable Financing and Reform of the Health Sector to Improve Effectiveness, Efficiency and Quality of Care in Jamaica (Phases 1 and 2). IOS Partners, Inc. & IOS Social Development LLC
  • Performance Audit Report: Ministry of Health Management of Diabetes, A Major Chronic Non-Communicable Disease. Auditor General’s Department
  • Redesigning the Heath System in Jamaica. Ministry of Health

Expression of Interest

Interested individuals should submit the following documents:

  • Curriculum vitae outlining specific relevant experience
  • Supporting documents (research papers conducted by applicant)
  • A proposed workplan and budget


                  Submissions should be sent to no later than 05:00pm ET on March 10, 2017


For further information contact:

Andrea Chin See

Phone: 876-631-7219


Funding for this consultancy is made possible through support from the European Instrument of Democracy and Human Rights


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