Created on Saturday, 09 Sep 2017 11:07:37

                                                                            Photo credit Titiana Fernandez

In the Caribbean, disaster relief revolves around the family unit and is delivered primarily by the local authorities and the community, often spearheaded by Christian faith-based groups.  However, the way in which “family” and “community” are defined by current disaster management policies and procedures in the Caribbean means that the needs of the LGBTI community are likely to get overlooked. If your behaviour is criminalised and your community and family have shunned you, chances are your needs won’t be adequately met. Even when emergency management agencies don’t actively discriminate against LGBTI people, their needs are often invisible and not considered as different or needing of particular consideration.

CVC wants to advocate for policies and associated disaster plans that explicitly define concepts such as “community” and “family” to include LGBTI persons. But in the meantime, we are trying to ensure that LGBTI individuals and families get the support they need from networks of “supportive communities” that understand the issues. Your donation is critical as our supportive communities in the Caribbean are small and marginalized. CVC is committed to get the funding to the local grassroots LGBTI organisation that can make a difference on the ground, and to document in a published report how your donation has made a difference.