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Terms of Reference

Consultancy for Project Evaluation

Improved Civil Society Capacity for Research Based Advocacy


Caribbean Vulnerable Communities Coalition (CVC) is seeking an experienced in-country (Jamaican-based) Consultant to conduct a comprehensive evaluation of the “Improved Civil Society Capacity for Research Based Advocacy” project funded by European Union.


CVC is a regional coalition of over 40 civil society organizations working with populations vulnerable to HIV/AIDS. These include sex workers, men who have sex with men, transgender persons, people who use drugs, people living with HIV/AIDS, migrant populations, incarcerated persons and ex-prisoners, and marginalized youth. These groups are subjected to high levels of stigma and discrimination. They also lack the social and legal protection afforded other members of society and are socially excluded because their behavior may be deemed deviant or criminal.

CVC has a long-standing commitment to addressing a concentrated epidemic through rights-based approaches using community-systems strengthening and influencing duty-bearers to take action to reduce human rights violations and increase investment in key populations.

On October  28, 2015, CVC signed a two-year project with the European Union, with contract number: 2015/367-369 aimed at strengthening the role played by civil society in Jamaica in promoting human rights and democratic governance through the following :

Project Goal

To consolidate democracy and respect for human rights by building civil society capacity to monitor and advocate across a range of issues and, in particular, fortifying their response to violations of the rights of vulnerable populations including women.

Project Objectives

  1. To enhance CSO capacity to improve data collection and undertake research in order to better inform and drive improved advocacy efforts aimed at reducing and ultimately eliminating the drivers of stigma and discrimination and thus reducing associated rights violations.
  2. To empower partner organisations, particularly community-based organisations working with vulnerable populations affected by human rights abuses, to hold duty bearers to account for the consequences of their policies.

Scope of Work of the Evaluation Consultant

CVC is contracting the services of a Consultant to conduct a comprehensive evaluation of the project entitled: Improved Civil Society for Research Based Advocacy” The evaluation should measure the implementation and results of activities and outputs related to the project goals and objectives. The evaluation should include the assessment of participants, facilitators, advisors, and other stakeholders from the project who were integral to the project activities and outcomes.

Key Evaluation Questions

  1. Determine to what degree the project outcomes and outputs have been achieved and whether there were any unexpected outcomes?
  2. Determine who has benefitted (primary and secondary beneficiaries) and in what ways
  3. Look at the following dimensions of the programmes’ impact: (i) relevance; (ii) effectiveness (added value, learning and partnership approach), (iii) sustainability (iv) value for money/cost effectiveness
  4. Assess the extent to which value for money has been achieved in the implementation of project activities; exploring if the same results could have been achieved for less money and the extent of any obvious links between expenditures and project outputs/outcomes
  5. Determine strengths (including successful innovations and promising practices) and weaknesses of the planning, design, implementation, monitoring and learning process, and quote what beneficiaries think of the project design and implementation.
  6. Assess to what extent the project has contributed to the response
  7. Provide actionable, specific and practical strategic recommendations on how CVC/ JCSC and its partners can use the learning to strengthen future work

Required Competencies

  • A Master’s Degree in Public Health, Public Sector Management, Development Studies or related Social Science field.
  • Minimum 5 years’ experience in conducting project assessment and evaluations, with strong experience in data collection and the analysis of qualitative and quantitative data.
  • Specific and demonstrable experience in:
  • Developing data collection tools
  • Monitoring and evaluation reporting
  • Value for money analysis
  • Conducting analysis of policies and programmes around human rights, governance and accountability
  • In-depth understanding of the intersectionalities of human rights, governance and accountability
  • Creative and effective data presentation
  • A strong commitment to delivering timely and high-quality results and comprehensive reporting
  • Experience with vulnerable populations
  • Good communication skills and ability to communicate with various stakeholders and to express concisely and clearly ideas and concepts.

Evaluation Period

The evaluation is to be conducted over a one (1) month period and should not last more than ten (10) working days.


Key Deliverables & Timeframe




  1. Conduct a desk review of project documents, including, contracts, reports, workshop assessments, interim and other reports emanating from the project

Collect documents from the project team and conduct an in-depth analysis, with the intention of assessing programme goals and objectives.

An inception report highlighting a more detailed plan of the evaluation methods and questions.

   2 days

  1. Develop data collection tools and conduct interviews with relevant stakeholders including workshop participants, facilitators, advisors, consultants, key informants, and other stakeholders.

Conduct a comprehensive evaluation of activities done with targeted partners and beneficiaries through the collection of

qualitative data from trained/sensitized beneficiaries, project administration/ management staff and other stakeholders

    3 days

  1. Prepare draft report and share for feedback

Draft report should present comprehensive findings and assessment of the project, including the gaps that exist and recommendations to improve future implementation. The following should be taken into consideration:

  1. Define relationships among inputs, activities, outputs, outcomes and impacts.
  2. Clarify the relationship between programme activities and external factors.

    3 days

  1. Final report

Submission of final report within 15 days after receiving feedback on the draft report from CVC.

    2 days


Expression of Interest

Interested individuals should submit the following documents:

  • Curriculum vitae outlining specific relevant experience
  • A sample of related evaluation report
  • A detailed plan outlining proposed activities timelines and outcomes
  • Financial proposal, including USD per person days.

Submissions should be sent to the attention of Kristina Mena by email to: no later than 4:00pm on Friday December 8, 2017.

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